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Get review profile information

Use this endpoint to retrieve review profile information using the job_id of the task.

Base URL


Request parameters

job_id string yes Job ID of the task to retrieve

Job identification

This value can be found in the response from /add endpoint.

curl GET '' -H 'spiderman-token: 1234567890'
import requests

url = ""
params = {
    "job_id": "12345",
headers = {
    "spiderman-token": "1234567890"
response = requests.get(
coming soon
coming soon
coming soon


Our response is a JSON object containing these keys:

success boolean Outcome of the task
status integer HTTP status code
source string | null Review source
meta_data string | null Review's meta data
unique_id string | null Review's unique ID (reported by the review site)
review_count integer | null Total number of reviews reported by the site
average_rating float | null Average review rating reported by the site
last_crawl string | null Last crawling date
crawl_status string Crawling status
percentage_complete float | null Number of reviews saved divided by total reviews available
result_count integer | null Total number of saved reviews

Review source

Source of the reviews and other profile information. It is URL, Google place id or Google search query given for the add review profile task.

Review meta data

We customise meta data for our customer's needs. Information we retrieve always depends on the source page and it varies.

You will receive these meta data as a JSON formatted string.

Crawling status

  • pending if he job is still in the queue waiting for completion
  • complete if the job is complete
  • maintenance if there has been an issue on our end
  • failed if the job has failed after multiple retries
  • invalid_url if the URL you have provided is invalid

For more information about crawling statuses click here.


Whenever you receive a maintenance crawling status, we are automatically notified and we are doing our best to investigate and fix the issue as soon as possible.

curl GET '' -H 'spiderman-token: 1234567890'
    "success": true,
    "status": 200,
    "meta_data": null,
    "unique_id": null,
    "review_count": null,
    "average_rating": null,
    "last_crawl": null,
    "crawl_status": "pending",
    "percentage_complete": null,
    "result_count": 0

In case the job id does not exist, you will receive:

    "success": false,
    "status": 400,
    "message": "This job ID doesn't exist, please create it"